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Innovation is the key tool in developing our market-leading solutions. We deliver innovation through our CREATIVE-THINKING PEOPLE, using robust processes that allow new ideas to be tested and implemented. The result is that our clients get what they want more efficiently and faster than they expect.

In a fast-changing industry where new pressures and problems are always arising, WE BELIEVE IN CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT. We benchmark and monitor our performance for both public and private sector clients, continually challenging what we do and the way we do it.

Schal is a member of the inter-disciplinary Croydon Best Practice Club. The club aims to encourage involvement and contributions from its members, share knowledge with others in the industry and push back the boundaries of best practice.

The benefits are seen as the ability to deliver marked improvements in productivity, quality and cost effectiveness and from this to generate better profits in return for better value.

Interested in contributing to best practice? Click here to e-mail the secretary of the London South Best Practice Club.