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Schal reunited

Schal reunited


Ex-Schal Girls and Boys


To commemorate 25 years in the business we have launched 'Schal Reunited' and I've set up a Group called Schal Reunited on the professional networking site LinkedIn

It's easy - just follow this link and you can join this group - it's free!


Here you can connect, if you want to, to other members who join - you can search on names and companies.

In the Group you can set up discussions, issue e mails, organise events - or just make contact.

So what I am asking you to do is simply go to the home page above - quickly join in and then join the Schal Reunited Group

We ask you to forward this facility to any known ex-Schal employees

We invite you to explore the depth and reach of the Schal Network, catch up with old mates and perhaps do some more work together.

Look forward to catching up with you all soon.