PSA Shedule of Rates | News - Mechanical and Electrical Schedules 7th Edition published

7th edition of Mechanical Services and Electrical Services Schedules published

Carillion and The Stationery Office are delighted to announce publication of the Mechanical Services Schedule 7th Edition, 2016, and Electrical Services Schedule 7th Edition, 2016.

Electrical Services Schedule front cover

These documents form part of the PSA Schedules of Rates suite of documents which continue to be the key pricing documents used in Measured Term Contracts (MTCs), which include Building Works, Electrical Services, Mechanical Services, Decoration Work, Landscape Management and Property Management amongst their titles.

Published by The Stationery Office, The PSA Schedules of Rates are one of the most comprehensive suites of schedules available and are available in both hard and digital formats. The Building Works schedule contains nearly 21,000 rates and the Electrical and Mechanical Services schedules over 18,000 each. They follow the Co-ordinated Project Information Initiative common arrangement and include all the labours usually deleted from standard methods of measurement, but essential for measured term contracts. They also contain their own measurement rules and specification notes making them totally "stand alone" documents.

The Schedules of Rates were originally prepared by the Property Services Agency (PSA); after privatisation the documents have continued to be maintained by Schal, part of Carillion's construction consultancy business, TPS.

Carillion also provides training sessions on the use of Schedules of Rates and MTCs generally.

More information and how to purchase hard and digital copies and details of software versions available can be found on the PSA Schedules of Rates and The Stationery Office websites.