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A full range of specialist inspections and surveys

Building Surveying


Our building surveyors provide a full range of specialist inspections and surveys, enabling timely and cost-effective decisions to be made on environmental, construction, mechanical and electrical, utilities and maintenance issues.


Safe as houses...?


Every year there are many cases of masonry and other materials falling from buildings which land in puiblic areas and on private property.  We have compiled a list of such events that have been reported in the media over the last few years.

Some have caused minor disturbance, some have caused near tragedy, some have changed or even ended lives. This list is not exhaustive and certainly does not reflect occurrences which were never reported or even brought to the attention of property managers.

None of these events were caused during construction works, thus cannot be blamed on a building contractor. They have all happened due to lack of understanding of the condition of the fabric and a miscalculation of the risks involved.

Can property and facility managers really afford to take risks when it comes to condition assessment?

For the best advice in respect of property condition, maintenance and care, why not speak to Phil Neenan in our building surveying department: telephone: 020 8256 4000.


Phil Neenan


Phil Neenan



  • Building pathology and defect reporting
  • Building and acquisition surveys
  • Condition surveys
  • Strategic advice
  • Data capture
  • Maintenance planning
  • Forward maintenance
  • Party walls
  • Schedules of condition
  • Small works project management (contract administration)
  • Small works design
  • Feasibility studies
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