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Project management

Delivering projects to the client's requirements

Project Management


Project Management is designed to provide strategic management responsibility for delivering a project to the client's requirements. Schal ensures that the project is properly planned, phased, executed and budgeted. We manage and monitor the implementation of the project, including organisation of the resources and consultants required.

We all have a view on the role of the project manager, but whatever the size of your project, whether it is a small community arts centre or a new corporate headquarters we take the same diligent, detailed and robust approach.  This involves getting close to you.  Schal's Project Manager becomes part of your team to ensure that the project process remains in your control and is managed to achieve your goals.  Our clients see us as their partners and not just their consultants.

Right from the start:

Our skill is to take a confused situation and bring it into sharp focus.  Once it is clearly defined the way forward is usually clearer too.

Keeping on track:

Good housekeeping has to be part of every project.  Schal's proven procedures and controls, implemented by experienced project managers, all help to ensure the smooth progress of the work.

Safety net:

Of course, contracts are important to give the project the security you need.  Schal advises and appoints project teams, runs European procurement processes, selects contractors and administers all of these for you.

Tools for the job:

Our computer and internet based communications and information management systems are among the best in the industry.

Project delivery:

The delivery of your project, completed on time, in budget, to your specifications, is what you pay for.  And we don't stop there.  We continue working with you, managing staff relocations for example, and making sure you get a final solution that meets all your requirements.




Project Management

Client-facing management of clients' construction related projects. Managing professional teams and contractors through the often complex delivery cycle from feasibility stage to handover and occupation ensuring the project is properly planned, budgeted, phased and executed.


Schal project managers assist our clients in careful selection of the optimum procurement route balancing their needs in terms of cost, time, quality and risk. We serve commercial and private sector clients and operate fully proven and auditable processes in compliance with OJEU procurement regulations.

Project Monitoring

Schal provides a project monitoring service to funders and development agencies using our highly experienced and perceptive staff. Project Monitors play a critical role in ensuring that projects are set up, managed and delivered in accordance with the funder's conditions and overall objectives of our clients.

Relocation consultancy

Our project managers work with public and private sector clients and stakeholders on complex move management programmes often involving major staff decants and asset relocations. We are able to undertake space management and occupation studies and assist with the procurement of furniture and supplies.

Interim management

Schal has experienced client-facing project managers who know how to manage relationships with stakeholders, funders, professional consultants and contractors. As individuals they are politically aware, sensitive to the needs of their clients and used to operating to tight timescales and meeting challenging targets - as such they make ideal Interim Managers should there be a gap in your management team.

PFI Concession Management

Schal's staff can operate as Concession Managers on your PFI/PPP projects safeguarding the interests of the Special Purpose Vehicle Company and managing critical stakeholder interfaces not only during the initial project construction and commissioning periods but also during the subsequent operational and maintenance periods within the balance of the concession term.


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