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A range of bespoke health and safety consultancy services

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Effective health and safety management is at the forefront of all competent organisations. Increasingly self regulation legislation is becoming more demanding and complex and Schal is able to provide a range of bespoke health and safety consultancy services associated with most aspects of the built environment.


Health and Safety Services


Schal has built a reputation on its multi-discipline design, project management and consultancy experience. This has given us the expertise and understanding which enables us to advise and assist organisations on the many aspects of health and safety management during the life cycle of any asset.


Our services:



Skills and resources


We employfully qualified health and safety practitioners with expertise and experience in a wide variety of construction disciplines. Their levels of technical competence are kept up to date and continually improved through a commitment to ongoing professional development.

Our staff are supported by a comprehensive Integrated Management System accredited to ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 with the IT capability expected of a major service provider.


Bespoke approach


Every organisation operates differently. Therefore it is essential that any service be tailored to suit the particular business needs and requirements in order for it to be cost effective and practical. With communication being essential, we regularly work alongside clients and their teams in order to understand their particular concerns and to help develop a clear brief prior to developing any solutions and have ongoing liaison during implementation.

As part of a large building, services and consultancy organisation we also understand the other business drivers that need to be addressed and are able to draw on a wide range of resources from within both Schal and Carillion in order to deliver the necessary expertise and management skills to our clients.

Andrew Hughes


Andrew Hughes

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David Comper


National Assembly for Wales
Southmead Hospital
University of Hertfordshire
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