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Our history

We go back quite a long way - over 600 years...

Houes of Parliament

Our history


TPS must have one of the longest histories of any commercial organisation in the world.

In 1377 two men, John Blake and William Hanney, were made responsible for the upkeep and improvements at sixteen of the most important royal castles and manors in England. For the first time, royal buildings had been brought under central control. In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the Office of Works brought together some of the greatest designers of all time during the Baroque cultural period.

During the nineteenth century the office, through its own work and public competition, shaped the London we know today. By the latter part of the century, the Office of Works had acquired responsibility for, amongst other things, the accommodation for all civil government departments. Work included the Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square, the British Museum and the provision, furnishing and maintenance of county courts.

By 1940, the Office became the Ministry of Works, responsible for all construction in wartime Britain. After the war came reconstruction with the ministry taking a leading role in commissioning and planning the new towns and public housing projects which were needed.

During the 1960s it merged with the works' branches of the armed services and in 1972, almost 600 years after Blake and Hanney, it became the Property Services Agency. The PSA, as it became known, took a major role not only in procuring new works and maintaining the state's property portfolio but also in setting and maintaining standards across a whole range of building activities.

In 1989 the government announced its intention to privatise the PSA and the agency was split into the three divisions - PSA Projects, PSA Building Management and PSA International. PSA Projects was acquired by Tarmac Construction (now Carillion plc) in December 1992; the new company was called TBV Consult and after a company restructure was renamed TPS in 1998.

TPS is part of Carillion Construction Services, and provides comprehensive planning, engineering design and consultancy services. The combined expertise of its professional staff encompasses all aspects of the construction industry.