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Safety first

Safety first

Safety is the most important culture in TPS and all Carillion companies. Target Zero is an initiative which aims to ensure there are no accidents to anyone in our offices, sites and the buildings we create and manage. Everybody should go home at the end of the day, fit and well - and safe.

We recognise that many of the fields that we work in, such as airports, roads and rail, are inherently dangerous environments. TPS is dedicated to developing, implementing and monitoring the proactive management of safety issues. Our in-house experts are up to speed on complex legislation, as well as industry best practice.  

The benefits of an effective and robust safety management regime go well beyond legislative compliance and corporate responsibility. They can be measured in human as well as economic terms, as good practice reduces both personal and project risks, enabling people work more safely and more efficiently.


"I am committed to a step change in our safety performance in TPS and through my actions will aim to influence the behaviour of those around me"

- Joan Murray, Managing Director, TPS

Joan Murray

Don't Walk By

TPS implements Don't Walk By (DWB), part of Carillion's "Target Zero" campaign, and it is about creating a Health and Safety culture of awareness and openness in which people have the confidence to identify and challenge unsafe acts and conditions and make suggestions for improvement.

The overall objective is to enable any person to raise a Health and Safety concern or suggest an improvement by submitting a DWB card, ensuring that issues are effectively resolved, even if they have taken immediate action to resolve the problem themselves.

DWB Cards are available in all TPS and Carillion offices and sites, and staff are kept informed on progress of all issues raised via a live database on our intranet.