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Tomorrow in our hands

We believe that sustainable development can deliver a better quality of life for us all

Proud to be sustainable designers

TPS has many years of experience in delivering sustainable solutions for the way we live. Our experience proves that a whole life approach and intelligent design at the outset of a project can make a dramatic difference to the long term cost effectiveness and performance of buildings and infrastructures.

We use the Carillion model for sustainability, to integrate community, social and environmental factors into each design and development decision, from first concept to procurement and delivery. Our aim is to minimise the negative impact of our activities on the environment, and to ensure that we make a positive contribution to the communities where we work.

"Our vision is that sustainability will be a key objective of our designs, supporting our position as an industry leader in creating sustainable design solutions"

- Joan Murray, Managing Director, TPS

Joan Murray

Carillion's 2020 vision

Six positive outcomes


These form the basis of the Carillion 2020 Sustainability Strategy, and outline what we will focus on to ensure we meet our targets.

Enable low carbon economies

Enabling low-carbon economies
Our services will help Carillion's customers work towards carbon neutrality, so together we become the lowest carbon producers in our respective sectors.


Protecting the environment
We will work with our customers and suppliers to be best in class in reducing waste, managing use of water and raw materials, and protecting biodiversity wherever we operate.

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Supporting sustainable communities
Our leadership in creating employment and skills opportunities, coupled with our understanding of the needs of our communities, will ensure we have a significant and positive contribution everywhere we work.


Providing better prospects for our people
We will maximise the prospects of our people by offering opportunities for continual learning and development, and create safe, healthy places to work.


Leading the way in our sector
We will be recognised as the benchmark in sustainability and innovation, in turn driving demand as the service provider of choice for customers.


Building a successful business
Through our sector leadership and role in creating a more sustainable economy, we will increase shareholder value.