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Geotechnical engineering

Slope stabilisation, T5, Heathrow Airport

Geotechnical engineering


Geotechnical engineering is concerned with the potential hazards associated with ground conditions, and reducing the risks to a project and its environment.  Our detailed geotechnical reports are based on a combination of advanced desk research with field and laboratory analysis techniques.

Our investigating engineers can assess possible constraints on the development of the site, the potential for contamination and its impact on land value, providing remediation strategies and geotechnical design for slopes, earthworks and foundations.

Russell Knapton


Russell Knapton




  • Archive research and desk studies

  • Complex 2d/3d ground movement modelling

  • Design of underpinning systems

  • Design, procurement and supervision of site investigations

  • Environmental assessment and remediation

  • Foundation and pavement design

  • Human health and controlled waters contaminated land risk assessments

  • Interpretation, analysis and design

  • Pile analysis and design

  • Reinforced earth design

  • Retaining wall design

  • Slope stability analysis in soil and rock

  • Soil/structure interaction by finite element analysis

  • Specification of ground improvement system

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Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne
River Mole diversion, Gatwick