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Heavy Civil Engineering encompasses large span, heavily loaded, complex design problems where serviceability criteria and sound understanding of soil/structure interaction and secondary effects are vital. The focussed and co-ordinated use of a variety of skills and disciplines is therefore essential to ensure a safe and robust design.

At TPS we recognise that such complex design solutions require a high degree of knowledge and experience and have strategically built a strong team around these principles. As these problems must be solved across a variety of skills and disciplines, our team is a blend of highly skilled geotechnical and heavy structures engineers, integrated together to provide a total product.

Our senior staff have many years experience of working alongside contractors and have a sound working knowledge of cost-effective, safe and buildable solutions and are focussed on solving complex problems and provide innovative solutions to meet your needs.

Our resources and skills are complemented by being part of the Carillion group, giving us access to many specialist construction skills which combined with our expertise puts us in a unique position to deliver a complete design product.  This unique access to construction estimators and planners enables us to provide our customers with tighter cost and programme certainty throughout a project. We also have access to many leading construction professionals to give advice on all the latest innovative technologies and sustainable solutions.


Russell Knapton


Russell Knapton




  • Bridges

  • Tunnels

  • Marine structures

  • Water retaining structures

  • Earth retaining structures and complex Foundations

  • Earthworks

  • Major Structures Inspection and Assessment

  • Earthwork and Foundation Inspection and Assessment.

  • Major maintenance; strengthening and replacement

  • Complex Soil-Structure Interaction modelling

  • Asset Protection - Impact and Protection Work design

  • Temporary works

Earthworks, T5, Heathrow
Wembley Rail Light Maintenance Depot
Farringdon Bridge
London City Airport ramp extension