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TPS specialists have first hand knowledge of the economic, social and environmental challenges facing the aviation industry today. We are closely involved in the conception, building and sustainable operation of commercially successful civil airports and military airfields worldwide.

We're working airside and landside, from the early planning stages, through geotechnical engineering to the design and development of runways, terminal buildings, support toolkits and associated infrastructure. Our skills range from advising on capital investment programmes and masterplanning, to specialist engineering such as airfield ground lighting, fuel systems, airport security and counter-terrorism. Our clients include airport operators, aviation financiers, national and local government and civil aviation authorities.

Sanjeev Gunness


Sanjeev Guness

Hanif Macci


Hanif Macci 




  • Air cargo facilities
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Aircraft pavements
  • Aircraft support systems
  • Apron / terminal interface
  • Apron systems
  • Aviation ground lighting
  • Baggage systems
  • Concept architecture and design
  • Crash and rescue facilities
  • Drainage and pollution control
  • Engine test cells
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Facility planning and concept design
  • Forecasts and passenger flows
  • Inventory and data collection
  • Land use plans
  • Landside interface and access arrangements
  • Maintenance facilities
  • Paint spray facilities
  • Passenger loading bridges
  • Preparation of long term development plans
  • Retail and commercial
  • Security and counter terrorism
  • Short term development plans
  • Socio-economic impact
  • Specialist terminal planning
  • Structural engineering
  • Traffic forecast and analysis
  • Utilities and building services
Madrid T4
heathrow A380
Dublin Pier D
T5 pavement
Virgin Atlantic Hangar
Isle of Man